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Hiring a professional locksmith is the safest option when it comes to lock installation, especially if your door lock has modern, advanced features.

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Expert Advice and Service with the Locksmiths at A Budget Locksmith Inc.

Lock installation is essential in securing your premises. If you have invested in a new lock system, whether it is for your home or your business, you need a qualified and experienced locksmith to make sure your lock is properly and securely installed. In choosing A Budget Locksmith Inc., you are receiving a premium service at a very competitive rate.

Our Meaford professional locksmiths are fully trained to handle any type of lock with the highest standards of workmanship. They are trained to make sure that all of the locking mechanisms are properly aligned so that your lock is fully secure and to prevent from premature wear and tear.

Which Door Lock Offers the Best Security?

Our friendly staff is here to walk you through different types of locks, their strengths, and weaknesses, and recommend the best solution for you based on your budget and security needs.

A deadbolt remains one of the most effective ways of securing a door. For increased security, our technicians usually recommend combining the deadbolt with your door’s standard lock. The proper deadbolt, combined with a few ancillary accessories, can strengthen your door and make it nearly impossible to breakthrough.

Our professionals are more than happy to walk you through the best and trendiest options available today for door security and what is best to minimize the risk of a break-in at your Meaford home.

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We Installations All Types of Locks

Deadbolt lock installation

Deadbolts with reinforcing screws are some of the best lock choices for home security. These types of locks should be installed on all entry doors and side entrances, as well as all walk-in doors leading to your garage. Our technicians can complete a deadbolt lock installation in just a few minutes with the right tools.

We service the following types of deadbolt locks:

  • Mechanic Deadbolts
  • Electronic Deadbolts
  • Smart Deadbolts

Keyless Entry and Smart Locks

Have you chosen a keyless entry lock to protect your home or business? Keyless entry locks can be very convenient as they allow you to enter a combination and get inside without ever touching your key.

Installing keyless and smart locks requires highly specific knowledge and proper handling so that they can function efficiently over the long-term. Fortunately, A Budget Locksmith Inc. are experts in lock installation and can install just about any type of lock.

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