Rekey Locks Service in Meaford

Rekeying is a process done by a qualified keysmith which renders previous keys ineffective in a lock. This is achieved by replacing the old lock pins within the lock cylinder with new ones. Sometimes this process is also done to replace worn-out pins for a good quality lock system that doesn’t need to be replaced entirely.

A common mistake made by those moving into a new home is replacing old locks and deadbolts before exploring other options. Throwing out good quality locks or installing a deadbolt to replace them with an inferior lock system is not always the best choice. In most cases, this can be more expensive than simply rekeying your locks.

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Rekeying Your Lock System

You may find yourself moving into a new home or having a turnover in your business where you are concerned about your security. By rekeying your locks, you can be assured that the old keys will no longer be of use and that your locks will be as good as new.

A Budget Locksmith Inc. keysmiths pride themselves on offering our clients the most cost-effective options while maintaining the best quality of locksmith services and a general feeling of safety.

When rekeying your lock system, you can have one key made for all your locks. A simple rekey can take as little as 15 minutes while protecting your home and adding convenience to your life in Meaford.

Special Types of Locks We Rekey

We offer a wide range of expertise when it comes to locks and rekeying. Having been in the industry for a number of years has given us invaluable experience and knowledge necessary for a safe and complete rekeying service.

Keyless Door Locks

We offer the flexibility of rekeying your keyless door lock without removing it from the door. Keep in mind that keyless locks are manipulated differently than a mechanical lock and require a special manipulation in order to rekey.

Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt lock is often an additional measure taken to ensure the protection of your home. Deadbolt lock security varies depending on age, manufacturer, and the quality of the lock. An experienced locksmith will have the tools and knowledge to maintain and rekey your deadbolt in a timely manner.

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If you are completely satisfied with the lock system in your home, then you may feel that there is no need to replace them. Purchasing new locks can often be a waste of money when there is a valid reason to keep your old locks in place.

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